Fee Structure

How does it work?

We have a completely transparent fee structure and a full disclosure policy. We offer our clients an innovative choice which can be adapted to their personal needs.

You may choose between a fixed management fee and/or a variable performance fee.

To further benefit from an additional fee optimisation you may choose to exclusively use the available online channels (web, e-mail) to communicate with us.

Management Fee: The fixed management fee is independent of performance. The advantage of a fixed fee is cost reliability.
Performance Fee: The variable performance fee depends on the return of your portfolio. That is, the fee is based on the actual appreciation in value of your portfolio. Hence, if your portfolio exhibits negative performance due to fluctuations in market value, no performance fee will be charged.
Online-Model: To further optimise the cost structure you may exclusively use the available online channels (web, e-mail) instead of a personal advisor.
Classic-Model: You prefer a personal advisor and additionally use electronic forms of communication.

Overview of the available options

Model Management Fee
Annual fixed fee, based on Assets under Management, paid quarterly
Performance Fee
Annual performance fee, based on actual portfolio return, paid annually
Online 0.75% 0.00%
Online 0.50% 5.00%
Online 0.25% 10.00%
Online 0.00% 15.00%
Classic 1.00% 0.00%
Classic 0.75% 5.00%
Classic 0.50% 10.00%
Classic 0.25% 15.00%
Classic 0.00% 20.00%

A diminishing fee structure is available for large-scale accounts. The custody fee (Swissquote Bank) amounts to 0.10% (max. CHF 200) per annum.


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