Our Approach

Investment philosophy and approach

The mutual fund industry's traditional model typically promotes actively managed funds which charge high expenses (distribution charges, sales charges, management fees). Research shows, however, that the vast majority of actively managed funds do not outperform their low-cost passively managed counterparts (ETFs, Index Funds) in the long run. Because index funds typically charge expenses that are a fraction of those of actively managed funds, they provide a very efficient way to replicate an asset class.

Managing assets transparently and sustainably means applying concise rules and principles. They form the foundation for insightful advice. In any case, we focus on considering your experiences, attitudes and expectations accurately and unambiguously - because your investor profile determines the choice of the most appropriate investment strategy.

About 90% of portfolio returns are explained by assets allocation, i.e. allocating funds to different asset classes such as bonds, equities, real estate and commodities. Sincera uses asset classes that complement each other and thus contribute to a broadly diversified portfolio as well as achieving lower investment risk.

You benefit from the disciplined and continuous implementation of our investment philosophy as well as a highly diversified portfolio at low total cost.

Upon completion of the investor profile you will know in what assets your funds will be invested. You will be informed about the investment risks and possible market-price fluctuation as well as realistic return expectations.


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