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Selection of the optimal investment products

Due to the growing popularity of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) an increasing number of vendors are relentlessly offering new products. Over 800 ETFs are listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange alone, making a meaningful choice very difficult. For our investment universe we select the best products based on an analysis that follows the following criteria: suitability of the representative index for the corresponding asset class, form of replication (physical/synthetic), liquidity and costs.

No minimum investment or minimum fee requirements

There are no minimum investment or minimum fee requirements for our discretionary mandates. This is also particularly interesting if you would like to split your investments among different institutions.

Independence and transparency

Retrocessions (kick-backs, hidden fees) are widespread among financial service providers. They promote conflicts of interest since the selection of investment products is influenced by monetary incentives. Sincera Asset Management does not engage in retrocessions and acts in the best interest of the client.

Lean processes, low fees

By focusing on online channels (Web, e-mail) and the use of innovative IT solutions, our processes are streamlined and cost efficient. Our clients further have the choice of different fee structures. This allows us to work on your preferred terms only.

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