Portfolio Analysis

Is my investment portfolio well-diversified?

Many studies reveal that a large proportion of portfolios from private investors are not sufficiently diversified. On average, the Swiss shareholder owns shares of very few different companies. Also, the home-market orientation (home bias) is very pronounced as more than half of all shareholders solely own domestic equities. Only one in five purchases are in foreign equities.

This concentration of risks poses a significant danger to one's portfolio - risks that can actually and simply be diversified away e.g. through the use of broad-based index funds/exchange traded funds.

Is my portfolio cost efficient?

Many portfolios consist to a large extent of investment products offered by the account holder's bank, typically high-fee mutual funds and structured products. Usually, the annual fee of an actively managed mutual fund is around 2% plus initial sales fee and/or redemption fee. This unfavorable and expensive cost structure is one of the main reasons why such funds cannot beat their passive counterparts (index funds) over the longer term.

Does my portfolio pursue a clear investment strategy?

The investment strategy is the crucial factor for the success of an investment. Although the asset allocation policy explains about 90% of the performance of a portfolio, it often receives insufficient attention. Many investors are thus taking much higher risk than their actual risk profile would permit. A clearly focused investment strategy refers to the personal risk profile, investment horizon and the strategic asset allocation.

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